Quince seeds drink

Quince seeds drink (cough remedy) -شربت به دونه

Quince seeds

The seeds inside the quince are the best home remedy for cough and soar throat. You can find quince seeds in Persian and Indian grocery stores. 
If you have a chronic soar throat use this home remedy for sure:

  1. place 1 tbs of quince seeds in a cup. Pour hot water on the seeds up to half the cup. Brew on a kettle contained boiling water  for 5 minutes 
  2. Set aside . You can see a thick jelly lining forming around the seeds.That is called mucilage and that is what you want! 
  3. Now sweeten the drink with rock candy or sugar and drink before it cools. It softens your throat and gives you a better feeling immediately.
  4. You will feel better the next morning I promise :)


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