Chicken and Rice with Barberries
Roasted almonds and barberries with sugar and butter

1.4 pieces of chicken fillet
2. 2 cups of Basmati rice
3.1 large onion
4.half a bell pepper
4. half tbs saffron
5. half cup orange juice
6.3 tbs lemon juice
7. 1 cup barberries
8. quarter cup sliced almond
9.canola oil
10.1 tbs turmeric

I am sure you will fall in love with this recipe if you have not tried it before! This is a very popular Persian comfort food that can be prepared easily (Compared to other Persian dishes though :).
--Here is how to prepare Chicken:
1. Saute chopped onions in a heated and greased pan till caramelized(10 minutes). Use turmeric and salt to spice it up.(Turmeric is a must in Persian food!)
2.Add chopped bell peppers and chicken fillets then cover the top for 30 minutes on medium heat.
3. Add  orange juice + lemon juice and leave it till well cooed.
It is ready!
--How to cook rice?
(You can use a rice cooker to prepare a well cooked rice, in case you have no experience with cooking rice!)
1. Add 4 cups of water to the rice in a pot.
2.Add salt and 2 tbs of oil. Bring content to boil.
3.Now cover the top and cook it till the rice flakes become very soft .
1.In a small pan, mix barberries with 3 full tbs of sugar and 1/4 cup water.
2. Put on high heat and stir till the berries swell (about 5 minutes).
3.Add almond slices if you wish and stir for 2 more minutes.
This food is incomplete without saffron! (That is the second must in Persian food!You are so close to become a pro! ha?)
1. add 1/4 cup water to saffron in a small cup (I use a very small tea pot)and put it on the kettle full of water while it is boiling.
2. Cover the top of the cup with a piece of cloth or towel and brew  for 10 minutes .
3.This way you get the best color and taste of saffron while you use less! (smart, right? )
4.Add some saffron to both chicken and rice.
Now serve the rice and chicken and top it with the beautiful barberry-almond mix.
Bon appetit!