Upside down rice cake with spinach-ته چین مرغ و اسفناج

ته چین مرغ و اسفناج
Upside down rice cake with chicken and spinach

Ingredients: 2 cups of Basmati rice ,1 lb spinach, half lb mushroom, 1 tbs ground and brewed saffron, 2 cups of yogurt, 2 egg yolks ,2 onions
a cup is 250 ml.
This is one of the most favorite and traditional Persian dishes usually served in events.

Preparing the stuffing:
1.Chop onions and caramelize with turmeric or any spice that you like.
2. Saute spinach and mushroom with half cup of lemon juice and 1 tbs of butter till almost dry. Add salt and pepper at the end.
2. In a bowl, add yogurt, brewed saffron, 1 whisked egg yolk and salt. Mix well.

Preparing the rice:
1. Bring water to boil in a large pot and add Basmati rice to the water. Add 2 tbs of salt and canola oil and let it cook until rice flakes get a little bit soft.
2. Remove water.
3. Add the rice to the yogurt mixture and mix slowly.
4. In another large cooking pan, pour 4 tbs of canola oil . When heated, add the batter and let it fry.
4. As the first layer is getting fried, add half of the stuffing as the 2nd layer.
5. Add the second layer of rice.
6. Add half of caramelized onion.
7. Repeat it till material is finished.
8. Cover the top and let it cook on low heat for 1 hour.
9. Check on it to make sure rice is cooked well and then your beauty is ready for you to enjoy!


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